Industry Pros

Our Star Directors are the best in the business.  We are asked to direct events all over the world, as well as, sessions via Skype.  Our proven track records and areas of expertise surpass all other pros out there.

Small Group Instruction

With the VO Roadshow, you have concentrated instruction, direction and performance time with a one-day curriculum that will challenge, enlighten and keep you on your toes.  With two – three coaches rotating instruction and coaching time, you will be immersed and fully prepared to succeed in that particular genre by day’s end.


The Star Directors come to your town!  Little or no travel is necessary. No paying for extras you don’t need or desire. This is a concentrated, cut-to-the-chase and get to the business of what you need to perfect your skills, in one day!

You want to work with the pros.  You want to get right down to it, learn and get on that mic.  No fuss, no major traveling and no second-guessing about the director’s expertise.  The pros come to you. 

Pros with sterling reputations in the VO Industry, resumes that speak for themselves, and accolades and awards that matter.

The VO Roadshow will bring 2-3 Star Directors to major cities to set up a one day VO event that can cover genres from commercials to promos, narrations to animation, and improv to video games.  Each VO genre covered, is determined by the Star Director’s area of expertise. And lunch is included!  In fact, even lunch is a learning experience as the Star Directors invite talent to break bread, ask questions and get inside info on the VO world.

Talent will participate in non-stop coaching and mock-auditioning exercises.  The focused attention on coaching and learning, and then getting on the mic, will challenge, empower and inspire each talent in ways they have never had in any other workshop type environment.

So, let’s cut-to-the-chase and get your VO career where you need it to be. 

  • No worries about major travel costs to work with these Star Directors.
  • No concern about non-experienced talent taking up valuable class time; all talent will be vetted. 
  • One-stop intense coaching day with 2-3 different VO genres.
  • No hype or pressure about additional services from the Directors after the event. 
  • THIS is non-stop working out and perfecting your skill.  Plain and simple!

“Working with Mary Lynn and using her AMAZING techniques, I saw a 200% increase in my bookings the following week!!  Since working with Mary Lynn I’ve booked numerous commercials and got signed by one of the top agencies.  She has not only taught me the skills I need to succeed, but instilled a quiet confidence in me that has served me in every audition and job.”
Mike Brang

“Thom Pinto’s ability to take me from being “in the ballpark” to a more specific narrator has made all the difference.  Incredibly helpful when we’re sending self-directed auditions into cyberspace.”  L. O’Neill, San Francisco

“Exploring the world of Promos with Jeff Howell was magical.  He had a wonderful way of getting talent where they needed to be FAST. The transformation was astounding to watch. Oh how I wish I could have a mini YOU in my booth at home!”  Sandy

“Scott is phenomenal! I’ve been uncomfortable with my conversational reads. He gave me a much need push out of my comfort zone. I already feel so confident.” LJ Daniels

“When I decided to organize a full day workshop for my Boston VO Pro peers that wanted to up their game doing commercial VO, I immediately thought of  Mary Lynn Wissner! I knew we could count on her to bring her expertise as a longtime, expert casting director, fully aware of the latest trends to the way in which she coached each and every one of us. Mary Lynn has been my favorite VO coach. She’s concrete in her practical coaching style, encouraging, and empowering.  She has undoubtedly  transformed my auditions and booking rate, helping me find the ways I can access my authentic voice.”

Rosi Amador, Boston

“I was lucky enough to attend a 2 day workshop with Mary Lynn and Jeff in London. My first day with Mary Lynn was inspiring! The way she can get you to think about the script and the person you are talking to is something I’ve not experienced with other coaches before. She has made a massive impact in the way I approach auditions and commercial jobs and the feedback I’ve had from my clients has really helped my career soar. The second day I trained with Jeff on Promos and he was so generous with his feedback and advice. There are so many styles in Promo and his guidance helped me explore an area of work I didn’t really have much to do with.”

Ally Murphy, London, UK

“Scott helped me zero in on things I needed to work on and totally nail tricky copy. Plus, when you coach with Scott, you’re gonna have a good time for sure!  It shouldn’t be legal to have this much fun and learn, but it is!  Seriously, if you want to work on your conversational reads, you could use a shot of Scott Parkin.”  J. Malone

“After working with Cissy I booked my first AAA and was able to confidently handle all that was thrown at me without missing a beat. She prepared me creatively and practically in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Supportive, creative, masterful – that’s Cissy.”   Lisa Rost-Welling